A stopwatch is a timing device used to measure the amount of time elapsed during a certain time interval. The simplest stopwatch will have a button to start, stop or reset the time measure. The time elapsed is left displayed on the stopwatch when the stop button is pressed. The time is showed in seconds, minutes and hours for a mechanical stopwatch and milliseconds in addition for a digital stopwatch.

A stopwatch is very useful in a number of areas. It is commonly used in sports games such as Olympic Games where it is known as a stop clock on large display. A stopwatch is also widely used in the kitchen for timing when cooking recipes. These are just a very few examples of where a stopwatch can be applied.

This stopwatch program turns your computer into a very powerful timing device for purposes of measuring elapsed time. The time is measured accurately in milliseconds, seconds, minutes and hours.  The program has four buttons to control the stopwatch functionality. The start button activates the timing device. The stop button will pause the stopwatch to display the amount of time passed without clearing the stopwatch. The continue button can be used to continue measuring time after the stop button was pressed. The clear button resets and erases the contents of the stopwatch display.

The stopwatch process is lightweight and allows you to use other programs on your computer as you wait for it to complete. The stopwatch uses your computer’s memory efficiently and effectively without disturbing important processes of your windows computer. This stopwatch uses a tiny amount of disk space for installation, only about 20 megabytes is used.

This stopwatch is absolutely free to use, so don’t waste your time on paid software that don’t even work at all. Begin to use this stopwatch wherever you would like to measure time, in the lab in the kitchen on a game etc.

As soon as you are ready, download the stopwatch and follow the installation wizard. Carefully read each installation step including the license agreement. You may launch the stopwatch immediately when the installation process ends.